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It's All Over for "Personal Rapid Transit"
11.08.05 (7:07 pm)   [edit]
It's been a clean sweep in Minneapolis. All the PRT/gadgetbahners have been defeated.

The final count


DEAN (Z) ZIMMERMANN . .1,492 49.10%
ROBERT LILLIGREN . . .1,538 50.61%

DAVE BICKING . . . . 1,315 30.50
GARY SCHIFF. . . . . 2,549 59.13

DIANE HOFSTEDE. . . . 2,407 71.19
AARON NEUMANN . . . . 946 27.98

Zimmermann defeated.

Taxi 2000 suing Ed Anderson...trial set for April 10th , 2006.

PRT is dead, gone, kaput in Minnesota...and so is this blog.

I'd like to thank the Gang of Five and Kenz Army and all the transit activists who sent me information and support.

Good night, Mr. Gow.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.,

"Personal Rapid Transit" Election Day for PRT
11.08.05 (8:14 am)   [edit]
An anonymous reader writes

Only days away from the 6th Ward election"

The election is on the 8th. Are you one of those Republican dirty tricks guys who tells people the wrong polling day? Figures.


Zimmermann's transportation position paper was released only days ago...from the Zimmermann web site:

"[11.02.05] Position Papers Released"

Why would Zimmermann release his position papers so close to the election?

...and why does he think that Heathrow Airport is in Scotland?

"And it’s not some pipe dream Council Member Dean Zimmermann cooked up. Just this month, Heathrow Airport in Scotland signed a contract to build a PRT system using a technology developed in Wales.

Look for the PRT Skeptic Post-Election Wrap-Up Tomorrow!!!

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

Green Party's Zimmermann Renews LUV-POD Vow for Right-Wingers Like Bachmann
11.07.05 (3:21 am)   [edit]
Only days away from the 6th Ward election, Minneapolis Councilman Dean Zimmermann's campaign made it clear that "He doesn’t hate Republicans".

In fact Zimmermann loves Republicans... not the sensible, moderate Republicans, but the rip-snorting, right-wingers like Mark Olson and Michele Bachmann who share his peculiar obsession with PRT.

Find more out at Lloydletta

Image Hosted by

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Are Greens Backing Away From Dean Zimmermann?
11.07.05 (3:05 am)   [edit]
Eva Young got the scoop on NJL's husband door-knocking David Strom's house. David Strom is an extreme right-winger who campaigns against Light Rail and transit for the Taxpayers League.

From the Issues List

"Margaret Martin (David Strom's wife) from Ourhouse blog describes a visit
from Natalie Johnson Lee's husband, Travis:"

"At 07:30 PM 11/6/2005, David Strand wrote:


Some will see in the election guide in the paper that
there are two candidates who have been awarded
endorsement by Minnesota Lavender Greens.

Minnesota Lavender Greens unanimously endorsed Cam
Gordon and Dave Bicking in their respective races for
city council.


Interesting. No Lavender Green endorsement for Bob Battle's good buddy,
Natalie Johnson Lee or Dean Zimmermann.

Eva Young
Near North

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Scaled Down Taxi 2000 With Scaled Down Expectations
11.06.05 (3:49 pm)   [edit]
What a difference a year makes...

Taxi 2000 (Skyweb Express) Management Team

November 24, 2004 (

J. Edward Anderson, Chairman of the Board & CEO
Mike Lester, President & Chief Operating Officer
Wendell Maddox
Charles R. Michael
Richard L. Ojard
    Sarah Lang Sponheim
    Trevor A. Westrom
Key personnel ...
    Raymond A. MacDonald, Director of Fixed-Facility Engineering
    David Maymudes, Software Development
    Jeral Poskey, Director of Business Development
    Benzi Rosenski, VP of Marketing

Taxi 2000 Management Team


Board of Directors ...
Morris J. Anderson, President & Chief Executive Officer
Mike Lester, Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer
Richard L. Ojard
Sarah Lang Sponheim
Trevor A. Westrom, Chairman of the Board
Key personnel ...
David Maymudes, Software Development

...and the companies goals are so...modest:

The market

Long-term, the market for the SkyWeb Express system is several hundred billion dollars worldwide. On a weekly basis we receive application inquiries from throughout the world (every continent except Antarctica). Taxi 2000 currently enjoys broad-based support from citizen groups throughout the U.S.

Marketing Strategy

As a near-term strategy, SkyWeb Express systems will be difficult to sell. Our experience with customers have shown that cities are risk averse, and politicians are reluctant to be the first to try new technology. This is understandable.

The private sector, however, has approached us without this reluctance. Indeed, certain potential customers have said that they would prefer to be first. This would attract media coverage and give a futuristic flair to their developments, much as Disney’s monorail became an icon synonymous with the park.

We certainly cannot abandon the public market. Strong champions may emerge for our system from inside political bodies. However, our near-term focus will be on small private sector applications. These offer a problem that is simple for our system to manage, a willingness to be first, and a very fast timeline for implementation.

Our sales effort will partly be through the use of our partners. In addition to our manufacturing partners, we have relationships with several companies who are active in the industry, and we are in discussions with other leading firms who also could represent us to potential customers.

Gosh! does this mean we won't get ever get to see Dean Zimmermann's visionary 68-station PRT Project?

....and what happened to Jeral Poskey?

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" CPRT's David Gow Gives His Readers a Hotfoot
11.06.05 (12:36 pm)   [edit]
From Mr. Gow's blog

"Remember ***'s bizarre claim that PRT doesn't have heaters or air conditioning, seemingly unable to believe it could even be possible?

Well check out the new picture at SoundPRT. Scroll down and put your cursor on the picture of the silver-gray ULTra PRT vehicle. Look under the passenger seat. Why, those look like HVAC vents, don't they!? And look at this photo of the Skyweb interior. Right there, near the floor: another vent!"

If the HVAC vents were placed where Mr. Gow says they are, passengers would get a hotfoot!!! Here in Minnesota, the icebox of the nation, the mercury can drop thirty degrees below zero. When it gets that cold, the heater in a car needs to blast hot air not only at the passengers, but at the windscreen to keep the moisture from condensing and freezing on the surface. A vent placed only at floor level would be very uncomfortable to say the least.

It's easy to see how difficult it would be to keep condensation from freezing on pod's windscreen and melting when the pod warmed up... causing all kinds of moisture-related problems.

There's a simple way to settle this argument about the HVAC system in PRT pods-- Mr. Gow or any other PRTer can request photos and diagrams of the HVAC system of ULTra and Skyweb Express and post them on one of their web sites.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Google and LRT
11.06.05 (3:06 am)   [edit]
The PRTers are always saying that rail transit is an "old technology" unsuited for the 21st century. Let's see what the hi-tech folks at Google think...


Light rail cited as reason for city’s site selection by Google"

The high-tech Internet firm Google – whose online search engine is a familiar tool for millions of users – has announced it's setting up a new engineering center and bringing 600 jobs to the Phoenix urban area ... and Phoenix's light rail transit (LRT) project is part of the reason.

In regard to the location decision, "Which factors played a bigger role is hard to say" comments the Arizona Republic (30 Oct. 2005), citing a variety of factors like lower labor costs; lower state income-tax bills; excellent local educational resources (such as Arizona State Unversity); and a "relatively disaster-free environment, a far cry from the earthquake-prone areas of northern and Southern California."

But, as the Republic reports, other critical factors – including public transportation – were specifically cited by company leaders themselves as reasons for the venture: "Google officials also indicated they liked the direction the state is headed under [Gov.] Napolitano, and of course the infrastructure projects moving forward such as light rail and downtown Phoenix redevelopment."

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" PRT Disinformation Part II and III
11.05.05 (4:35 am)   [edit]
This just in...

"dear sir arab times (houston , tx ) has nothing to do with the arabtimesonline which is published in kuwait."

Maybe Mr. Gow can find a direct link for this story and share it with us.

While you are at it, Mr. Gow, see if you can verify the facts in this story:

Sunday, 9 October, 2005
Up the Creek: Extending Dubai’s trading hub to build a new CBD

"Business Bay itself looks set to be well-served in terms of transport. In addition to the Creek extension (which is likely to promote the use of water taxis), the provision of a Public Rapid Transport (PRT) system is being considered within the masterplan. "

I contacted the editor of this web site and he said the reporter, Zoe Naylor would contact me and verify the stuff about PRT in the article. Zoe Naylor never sent me an e-mail.

Just for fun, Google "Zoe Naylor"

Strange place Dubai... lot's of weird stuff happens there

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" PRT Disinformation
11.05.05 (2:15 am)   [edit]
The CPRT's David Gow excerpts an article on his blog from a dubious news source that quotes a Parsons Brinckerhoff employee. In this article, the employee, Glen Thorn talks about building a PRT system in Dubai.

Gow comments:

"What's amazing about this is that Parsons Brinckerhoff is one of the world's biggest promoters of light rail. A sweet deal: it goes around advising cities to build trains, then turns around and bids on the contracts to design the systems. In one notorious case Parsons, in order to eliminate PRT from consideration by the Cincinnati OKI planning agency, invented its own badly-designed PRT as a straw man.

So what's changed Parsons's mind? Could it just be a rich government finally noticed that buses and trains can't do it all? After 40-odd years since an engineer named Donn Fichter first defined the desirable characteristics of PRT—and 10-15 years since computers, composite materials and magnetic motors made PRT feasible—could it really, really have just been about vision and money?

And lest you wonder why other countries are getting all the good stuff, the Arab Times also reported that— "PB is also currently considering this system as a transit solution for a North American city."

So is the day far off when you can ride a PRT to run errands, or get to & from the light rail station? Cross your fingers."

Mr. Gow better cross his fingers he doesn't get sued. This is what that very same Parsons Brinkerhoff employee, Glen Thorn e-mailed me:

"I am not aware of any PRT system being designed or built in Dubai."

I could not find a direct link to this particular story to the Arab Times web site. Adding further intrigue to this snarky tale of PRT disinformation is the fact that the Arab Times's mailing address is a post office box in Houston Texas

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Google PRT
11.04.05 (4:05 am)   [edit]
See what happens...

Google "PRT" . #3... The first and second links don't appear to have anything to do with Personal Rapid Transit.

Google "Personal Rapid Transit" . PRT is a Joke is #4... ahead of Skyweb Express (Taxi 2000).

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" PRT Critics
11.03.05 (5:20 am)   [edit]
Cartoonist Andy Singer:

"As for PRT, I know it well. Alas, I find it to be totally evil. In theory, it combines the worst features of cars (low capacity) with the worst features of transit, high-tech, capital-intensive infrastructure. It's basically a "Smart Car" on a monorail (but lacks the safety devices found in even a typical car). There are hundreds of problems with it (both theoretically and in reality) but the biggest problem is IT SIMPLY CANNOT BE BUILT...."

Read More Here

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Who Supports Zimmermann?
11.02.05 (6:50 am)   [edit]
Find out here

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Bad News For PRTers?
11.01.05 (8:16 am)   [edit]
Soon... very soon.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" PRT Ghost Stories
10.31.05 (12:11 pm)   [edit]

It's Halloween and the ghoulish ghosts of dead and undead PRT systems wander the internet...

The Minnesota Week in Review
February 7, 1997

"Professor Ed Anderson, University of Minnesota, said that Korean cities are already using PRT systems and that such transportation would provide environmentally advantageous solutions to the intolerable transportation problems that Americans will encounter in the 21st century. Sen. Dick Day (R-Owatonna) asked if any studies had been conducted to assure that people would use a PRT system, even if it stopped at their door. He also asked how the system would eliminate waits that might discourage system use. Anderson said that there was no way to assure significant ridership, but that a PRT system could create attractive central hubs where people could interact. He also said that, in those countries using the system, PRT cars line up like cabs at a stand. When a car deficit occurs, he said, a computer system immediately calls in more cars."

Exactly where is Anderson's Korean PRT systems? Anybody got pictures of this system?


What's going on with Anderson's new PRT International Company?

What became of Joseph Lampe's PRT company?

Why hasn't Taxi 2000 reported anything new on the news page of the Skyweb Express website for a year?

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Zimmermann, PRT and the Green Party
10.30.05 (3:13 pm)   [edit]
In a post on the Mpls Issues List,
Russell Raczkowski responds to Jenny Heiser:

Since Jenny Heiser implies that I and other STRIDE members are paid political saboteurs and that our goal is destruction of third parties (neither of which is true)...

Further on Raczcowski relates a strange tale of PRT and Green Party politics:

Zimmermann and Jenny Heiser met with STRIDE members at one point in the run up to the Access vote, and Dean laid brochures from Taxi 2000, a company developing a PRT system, on the table and said, "This is what we are going to do." Ken Avidor, no fan of PRT obviously, reacted as you might expect. The conversation went nowhere, and Dean and Jenny picked up the brochures and left.

On January 14, 2004, I attended the Sustainability Fair at Augsburg. Dean Zimmermann was there openly shilling for Taxi 2000's PRT system. My objection to PRT at that point was two fold and hasn't really changed, (1) that PRT is an unproven technology that doesn't deserve public investment and (2) that Dean Zimmermann, as a
public official, should not be at public events pushing a product from a private corporation requesting government dollars, particularly a for product with no track record. Actually, it was (2) that concerned me the most; I didn't like seeing that corporate drift in the local Green Party. I said as much then.

Dean eventually voted against the Access project, by the way, with Robert Lilligren and Natalie Johnson Lee. You can read that story in Liz McLemore's post.

My final Green days were spent fighting back PRT while Dean promoted a PRT agenda both in and out of the party with relish and apparent single-mindedness. I ended up at one point with a fellow Green PRT opponent debating two proponents at a Green Party forum. My last "official" act was to attend the 2004 precinct caucus where I wrote a resolution to counter Dean's boilerplate pro-PRT resolution (which had been distributed to all Green caucuses in the city) and got it passed. I have occasionally posted to the 5th District Green list with information or a gripe since then because I still considered it a list that has members with often similar political interests as mine.
(Today I severed this final Green political tie.)

But my Green "end" came with a whimper in 2004. I was supporting Nader; the Green Party wasn't. I found myself at odds with the official party line once again.

So, I decided that was that and went partyless in late 2004, not the first time in my life. It
was ultimately a personal decision although I have several friends who have also left the party.

I had stuck around with the Greens far longer than most of them. I am not a member of the DFL. I have done some things with the Labor Party. . . . I will support Green candidates in the future when it feels right.

I don't support Dean Zimmermann's candidacy. I think Robert Lilligren will make a far better Council Member for the 6th Ward, and I think CM Lilligren has a better grasp of environmental issues than CM Zimmermann based on Zimmermann's undying support for PRT and his equivocation on the Access project.

As an independent Lilligren supporter, I have volunteered to do lit drops next weekend.

Russell Raczkowski

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" A Bizarre Accusation
10.29.05 (11:56 pm)   [edit]
From the Minneapolis Issues List

Furthermore, for the enlightenment of list members, Russell Raczkowski, Liz
McLemore, Ken Avidor (also known to many as *** ******), a fourth person
who's name we were never quite certain of, and Mark Knapp, formerly of
Minneapolis (at least we are hoping fervently that that's the case) are
known in some Green Party circles as, "The Gang of Five." Although claiming
to be Greens, they seem to spend the bulk of their time (which seems
prodigious) sandbagging Green candidates and campaigns. Some of us have
suspected for awhile now that they are either self-appointed or paid
political saboteurs (imagine THAT in good ol' Minnesota!). Believe it folks,
this is one of many reasons why 3rd parties have a nearly impossible time
getting established and taking hold in the U.S. And with the Minneapolis GP
being touted in media circles as "the new second party in Minneapolis," I
can imagine these folks, and those who support them, are resorting to
increasingly desperate measures to bring down the Greens.

And if there's a campaign in Minneapolis that understands the lengths, and
the lows, to which certain undermining forces will stoop it is the
Zimmermann campaign.

Jenny Heiser
Campaign Team Member
Zimmermann City Council Campaign"

Jenny Heiser is Councilman Zimmermann's wife. Zimmermann is a leading proponent of PRT in Minnesota.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Message From Seattle
10.29.05 (9:56 am)   [edit]
I got a very nice e-mail from a reader in Seattle. Here's some excerpts:
""I thought you would get a kick out of our favorite road warrior / mall developer's latest pro-car propaganda video. Make sure you watch it all the way to the end (although the video gets cut off) where Freeman basically insinuates that the terrorists will win if our freedom-inspired cars are stuck in traffic.  Freeman also claims mass transit also caused the fall of communism.  Very amusing!
"Kemper Freeman's "plan" (lots more freeways) was put together by an engineer named Bill Eager of TDA Associates. PRT freak Emory Bundy is a compatriot of Eager - all you have to do is google the two names together to find Bundy speaking highly of him."

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.


"Personal Rapid Transit" Welcome Readers!
10.29.05 (9:45 am)   [edit]
Thanks to the folks at the Public Transit website for a link on their gadgetbahn page. Public Transit is one of the most interesting and informative sites about transit on the web.

For a real time-waster, read the silly announcement about Dubai and Heathrow on the Planetizen website

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Is ULTra Just a FROG on a Stick?
10.28.05 (10:55 am)   [edit]
Here's the pictures.... YOU DECIDE!!!

Free Image Hosting at

Image Hosted by
Why would FROG want to help the LRT-bashing gadgetbahners?

"The Phileas, manufactured by the consortium APTS, uses FROG-technology for guidance and control. Please review the Bus Rapid Transit page on this website for more information."

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" A Classic PRT Rail Transit Bashing
10.27.05 (1:06 pm)   [edit]
A typical letter to the editor by a PRTer

It's a classic PRT Cult attack on rail transit. Without the PRT jargon, the letter writer would be left with no argument except that continued reliance on congested highways, cars, oil companies are better than transit.

The website the author of the letter refers to carries on the transit bashing with a feature called "Light Rail is Bogus"

Okay, There is countless rail systems all over the world carrying milions of people every day. There isn't one, working true PRT system anywhere. The best they can show is dozens of websites with flashy graphics and the ULTra PRT system which appears to be a Dutch FROG on a stick.

It's amazing how many people fall for this silly crap.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" The Pod Pistols
10.26.05 (11:12 am)   [edit]
One of my groupies sent this in... enjoy.

"PRT Vacant"

There's no point in asking you'll get no reply
Oh just remember Tom Delay's on our side
My heart is seizing, my panties in a bunch
When Avidor find us out to lunch

Oh we're so PRT
Oh so PRT we're vacant
Oh we're so PRT
Oh so PRT
A vacant

Don't ask for sense 'cos we're not all there
Oh we just love those pods in the air
I believe in illusions 'cos too much is real
Stop your thinking comments 'cos we know what we feel

Oh we're so PRT
Oh so PRT we're vacant
Oh we're so PRT
Oh so PRT we're vacant
Ah but now and we don't care

There's no point in asking you'll get no reply
Oh just come out to Fridley for a ride
We're all just a bunch of failures
Searching for another free lunch
Now we're scamming on the oil crunch

Oh we're so PRT
Oh so PRT we're vacant
Oh we're so PRT
Oh so PRT we're vacant
Oh we're so PRT
Oh so PRT ah
But now and we don't care

We're PRT
A PRT vacant
We're PRT
A PRT vacant
We're PRT
A PRT vacant
We're PRT
A PRT vacant

Shiny pod up in the air.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Gadgetbahn Graveyard
10.25.05 (1:38 pm)   [edit]

Gadgetbahn projects never die... they live forever in a state of suspended animation on the internet.

Here's a partial list of undead gadgetbahn projects.

Whatever happened to Ford's "Prism" PRT program?

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Invasion of the Podcar People
10.25.05 (3:00 am)   [edit]
Another attempt by PRT/gadgetbahners to hijack the environmental movement... this time in Sweden :

"Welcome to a seminar on large scale light PRTs ("Podcars") as a sustainable road away from congestions, accidents, environment problems 

The seminar is divided into three days - The first day "The car is dead" focuses on current technology and situation with environmental problems, limited oil resources and growth-limiting effects of congestion and accesability.

The second day, "Podcars for growth" displays a new way of transport. Several companies and organisations from Europe, Asia, USA and the Nordic countries will show existing technologies. This day will also have several speakers presenting a possible scenario on how Podcars could influence society - in economy, social, political etc."

The IST/Podcar homepage uses an ancient picture from the Raytheon PRT project. It's hilarious that they chose Raytheon as an example of PRT since it was a huge, expensive flop that even the most ardent PRTers, like this guy disown the Raytheon PRT:

"Raytheon's project was a flop because the company had deep pockets, and so had no problem making design mistakes that resulted in an oversized, too-expensive system. Though they had purchased rights to Anderson's PRT design, he was not involved in Raytheon's work and did not approve the changes made."

But, the same website still has high hopes for Raytheon's PRT system:

"Raytheon PRT: Not quite dead yet"

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Baloney in Bologna
10.24.05 (3:58 am)   [edit]
From the ATRA site :

The "Advanced Automated Transit Systems AATS2005" conference will be held on 7-8 November 2005 in Italy. The conference is organized by ATRA-Europe, the Transportation-Institute of the University of Bologna and MAIT International.

I wonder if ATRA Chairman Poskey will give Ed Anderson tips on keeping his hard drive clean.

Remember this from way back in 2004?


"The Metropolitan Transit Authority is holding this week's Advanced Transportation Technology Forum at the behest of U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Sugar Land, a longtime rail opponent who has expressed skepticism at plans to construct another 65 miles of light rail in the next two decades.

DeLay , the keynote speaker at Wednesday's session, said transportation projects need to be designed to meet the needs of the public, not the desires of planners.

"Unfortunately our transportation policy, and spending in particular, is still governed by an outdated vision," DeLay told the audience of about 100. "This past year, the city of Houston - after a long, hard struggle - installed the same oldmass-transit system that was installed in Calgary, Canada, the year I was born: 1947.

"It seems to me Houston can do better."

The majority leader suggested Metro "needs an infusion of vision and innovation" and commended its leaders for putting together the technology forum.

"I'm hoping this summit, and the information that comes out of it, will keep the minds open at Metro," he said. "This is important work you are doing, and I look forward to helping you do it in the future."


"Personal rapid transit : Running on narrow overhead guideways, a fleet of small, individual pods are computer-dispatched to stations when requested by passengers."

Maybe ATRA can get Dean Zimmermann and Tom Delay to speak at their next meeting before both "visionaries" are hauled off to prison.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

"Personal Rapid Transit" Is ULTra True PRT or Fake PRT?
10.23.05 (2:59 am)   [edit]
It's been a bad year for gadgetbahners.

Taxi 2000 is mired in a nasty lawsuit and Taxi 2000's biggest booster in its home state is under investigation by the FBI. That leaves ULTra, a UK company to carry on the work of bamboozling the public about PRT... but is ULTra's system true PRT?

If you go to the E.D.I.C.T. website,you'll find two links to gadgetbahn sites. One of the sites is Jerry Schneider's silly gadgetbahn site that links to other silly and bizarre gadgetbahn sites like this one . The other link is to something called Netmobil which is mostly about "cybercars".

Computer-guided vehicles are nothing new. A company called Frog makes them and Frog is mentioned in the ATRA announcement about the Dubai PRT proposal.

The FROG (Free Ranging On Grid) technology creates intelligent vehicles that can operate in any industrial environment.

The on board FROG-box® controls the vehicle based on electronic maps (route planning). While driving, the vehicles measure distance and direction traveled by counting the number of wheel revolutions and measuring the steering angle (odometry). External reference points are used to correct possible small inaccuracies in reference to the planned route (calibration).

In addition to common calibration methods as laser and ‘punktfolge’, Frog also offers dGPS (outdoor) and the patented grid solution. The grid is a systematic maze of reference points – often magnets embedded in the ground – offering the same free ranging capabilities as laser, but without its’ disadvantages.

Besides the navigation software and the grid solution, Frog has developed several components for the safe and reliable operation of Automated Guided Vehicles. These products include the magnetruler and the infrared sensor BEJO.

Clearly, ULTra has taken the Frog computer-guided, 4-wheeled electric buggy concept and stuck in on a roadway, not a slim guideway.... maybe personal, but hardly rapid and certainly without the capacity to define it as transit. A better description of ULTra would be APMS, automated people-mover.

It's ridiculous for PRTers to say that ULTra's system could do the job that trains and buses do every day in countless cities. In fact, the Taxi 2000 Corporation itself has heaped scorn on the ULTra system :

"This technology [Ultra] is different in many respects from the Taxi 2000 technology and has some distinct disadvantages. It uses a larger and heavier guideway that we believe will be more obtrusive and more expensive. It uses larger cars that we believe will be more expensive. Because it uses rotary propulsion and braking, it cannot operate in ice and snow conditions and cannot run at the close headways planned for the Taxi 2000 system. Because it uses battery power, it is speed limited. At this point it lacks a complete control system, as well as other vital features of a commercial product."
Don't believe PRT hype... get the facts!!!

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.